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Joe Clingan 

Joe Clingan is a retired Fort Collins Police (K-9) Canine Unit Supervisor. In the early 80’s he started the Ft Collins Police K-9 unit leading to an extensive career including the startups of K-9 Units throughout 7 US States. In 1994 Joe was sent by the State Department to Russia, where he taught and trained their K-9 Trainers. Joe is currently a USPCA level three trainer and nationally certified Chief Judge. Joe has been importing and training German Shepherd dogs for over 40 years. These incredible dogs have been mostly trained for police work and protection, but also obedience and family dogs.

Joe has always had a heart and a gift with dogs. This love lead him to be an advocate for American bread German Shepherd Dogs. He speaks out against the damages overbreeding has caused, the damages that have been approved of by the AKC.

Joe is excited to be getting back into quality dog breading. Utilizing his long time friendship with a German dog breeder and trainer, Thorsten Eggers. Breading and training healthy, high drive, police, protection, and obedience German Shepard Dogs.

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Joe Clingan
Fort Collins, Co

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